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DefenderShield EMF Radiation Protection Scarf

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Style our lightweight EMF scarf in a multitude of ways to help protect your body from EMF radiation.

Product Description

Style and EMF protection merge with our lightweight and versatile Defender Shield® EMF Radiation Protection Scarf, that can block up to 99% of wireless Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation & 5th Generation radiation up to 10 GHz. This is a light, packable, and versatile EMF clothing product that you can place anywhere around vulnerable or more EMF-exposed parts of your body to block wireless emissions, similar to our EMF Radiation Protection Blanket. The Defender Shield® EMF Radiation Protection Scarf offers versatile and functional EMF Protection while at home or on-the-go.

Perfect for: at home, on-the-go, or near EMF-emitting devices.

All Features:

  • Advanced shielding blocks 99% of wireless EMF and 5th Generation radiation (300Hz-10 GHz)
  • Multi-functional and multi-purpose design
  • Woven with polyester and silver fibres
  • Use over the head, around the neck/chest/torso, or around reproductive organs
  • Antimicrobial silver-fibre fabric is breathable and resistant to odder and bacteria

The Defender Shield® EMF Protection Scarf Shields:

  • Fifth Generation Wireless (RF Radiation)
  • Cellular Radiation (RF Radiation)
  • Wi-Fi Radiation (RF Radiation)
  • Bluetooth Radiation (RF Radiation)

How to Use the Defender Shield® EMF Scarf:

Made with a sophisticated mix of lightweight polyester woven with silver fibres, the Defender Shield EMF Scarf can be worn in a multitude of ways to help shield yourself from ambient EMF emissions in the environment or EMF radiation emitting from your devices.

  1. Wrap the EMF scarf around your head to protect your brain from EMF emissions.
  2. Wrap the EMF scarf around your neck to protect your thyroid, which is an important endocrine gland affected by EMF radiation.
  3. Wrap the EMF scarf around your chest and torso to protect your heart and breast tissues.
  4. Place the EMF scarf over your belly and lap to protect reproductive organs, especially if you are pregnant.

Product Specifications:
Size (in): 27.5 x 54.5
Weight (lbs): 0.18