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ibrain Anti Radiation Wired Lightning Headset FC26

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Are you worried or concerned about the radiation hazards when using smartphone headphones.

Then perhaps you need to look at the ibrain Anti-Radiation Earphones.

An air tube headset is a headset for your cellphone and other electronic devices that keep the harmful EMF Radiation away from your head. They function similar to a medical doctor’s stethoscope. Sound is ported up to your head via air tubes rather than electrical wires.

*Please note this item has a lightning connection. The earpieces are removable and interchangeable and can be a choking hazard. 

1. No magnetic field sound cavity

The permanent magnetic field and alternating magnetic field of 1000 Gauss of the speaker itself can damage the eardrum and the brain.

2. Air tube

The magnetic field of the speaker and the radiation source of the mobile phone are separated, which increases the distance between the human body and the mobile phone, and greatly reduces the radiation of the mobile phone.

3. Metal shielded isolation wire

4. Environmentally friendly antenna technology: metal shielded isolation wires and insulated air ducts block the damage to the brain and eardrums caused by the FM/AM radio wave radiation generated when the headset is used as a radio antenna

What are Airtube Anti Radiation Headsets?

AirTube headsets help to significantly reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation from phones, laptops, PCs and all smart devices. A safer alternative to a standard wired headset, AirTube headsets are constructed using two sections. The first section, leading from the phone to the speaker, is wired. The second section, leading from the speaker to the ear, is a hollow tube of air. This gives the required distance between the source of EMR and the head to dramatically reduce exposure to EMR. Sound is delivered to your ear with almost zero EMR.

Caring for your ibrain AirTube headsets

AirTube headsets are a fantastic way to help you to significantly reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR). However, in order to be able to do this they have to, by design, be constructed differently to a standard wired headset. Rather than one continuous, unbroken, cable, AirTube headsets are constructed in two sections. As a result, AirTube headsets are inherently more fragile than wired headsets and should be treated with extra care when handling. 

Please ensure that when extracting from bags, drawers, pockets etc, you don't pull too hard at the headset as this will cause it to break and come apart. 
Ensure that your AirTube headset remains free from tangles and always handle with extra care to extend the life of the headset and to not void your warranty. 

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Headphones Type:
Air tube Anti-radiation headset
Speaker Specifications:
93±2dBSPL at 1KHZ
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