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Qi-Home Cell™ EMF Device for Home

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The Qi-Home is a stationary EMF protection device that re-naturalizes harmful radiation in your environment, improves cellular health & much more. Its best use is creating a protective field at home for you and your family. Get the device that is the most studied EMF technology on the market and won its inventor, Hagen Theirs, European inventor of the year 2022.


Waveguard has invested almost $1M on non industry funded peer reviewed studies, so you can be confident that you've found a scientifically backed EMF solution that really works.

Please note this is a two-three week delivery time frame.


✔️ Stationary home EMF protection 

✔️ Perfect for adults, children and pets 

✔️ Diameter of up to  50 ft of protection 

✔️ Our customers have reported better, deeper sleep, a sense of calm and significant relief with EMF hypersensitivity

✔️ Third party tested & scientifically backed

✔️ Creates protection against 3G, 4G, 5G, wifi and man made EMFs

✔️ Lasts for up to approximately 5 years on a single charge

✔️ 30 Day risk free trial



😊 Significant relief from EHS symptoms

💛 More stable heart rhythm 

🌙 Deeper, more restful sleep & relaxation

⚡ Increased energy levels, leading to improved productivity and focus

⚜️  Protection against EMF-related tissue and DNA damage over time

💡 Reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches

🕊️ Reduced feelings of stress & anxiety

💧 Create enhanced, anti-inflammatory properties in water


Waveguard devices work by depolarizing the man-made EMFs in our environments to drastically reduce the impact of EMF radiation, protecting you from the negative effects that can be caused by overexposure.

Depolarization works by re-naturalizes the excess man made radiation, therefore, not decreasing the effectiveness of your wifi or cell reception.This technology makes Waveguard unique to other brands. While some brands strive to entirely block electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), which can limit the use of technology, and others aim to harmonize with EMFs, depolarization is the only process that re-naturlizaes EMFs and their negative effects without sacrificing technology use. Both in technical and biological studies have shown that Qi devices are effective in reducing EMF exposure. 

By using the Qi-Home, you can experience an increase in energy, improved quality of sleep, enhanced ability to concentrate, and reduced frequency and intensity of headaches. Overtime, it can also help protect against more serious health issues like tissue and DNA damage from overexposure of EMFs.  


  • 3G, 4G, 5G, Wifi, and EMFs

Protection Size

  • 33 ft wall (16.5 ft up and down)
  • 50 ft wide diameter

Product Dimensions

  • 16" x 6"
  • About 17.5 lbs


  • Copper
  • Pine 

Safe Distance to Tech

  • 1.6ft


  • After 12 hours
  • No external power needed

Life Span

  • 5-8 Years on one charge


The device works off-grid and does not need an electrical supply.

Qi-Me: at least 25cm

Qi-Shield: at least 25cm

Qi-Home Cell: at least 50cm

Qi-Max Cell: at least 100cm away

Do not use any cleaning products, natural or otherwise.

Will my Qi-Technologies® device stop my phone/laptop/WiFi-router/etc from working?

Qi-Technologies® devices do not interfere with how your wireless devices work. This means that you can continue using your phone, laptop, WiFi router etc. as normal.

Why does my EMF meter not change when testing the area around my Qi-Technologies® device?

Qi-Technologies® EMF devices work differently to shielding fabric. When using a meter with shielding fabric, you are able to test the frequencies inside and outside the fabric to see a difference. Qi devices work with a different technology you can read more about the studies that have been carried out on Qi-Technologies® devices here.

What’s the ideal way to use Qi-Shield?

The portable Qi-Shield is ideal for use in the office, bedroom, vehicle or air travel.

What is the lifespan of each Qi-Technologies® device?

Qi-Technologies® products arrive charged and will last up to approximately 5 years.

What is meant by ‘Safe Distance to Technology’?

'Safe distance to technology' is the distance the manufacturer recommends keeping your Qi-Technologies® device away from any electrical source. These sources include electrical wiring in the walls, phones, laptops, etc). We recommend keeping your Qi-Technologies® device the following distance away from any similar sources:

My Qi device has developed lines / black marks on the copper. Is that normal?

It's perfectly normal for your Qi device to develop grey/ black lines around it - it is simply an effect of the material used. The Qi devices are coated with a diffusion-open lacquer so that the surface is not isolated (this is because it is beneficial for your skin to directly touch the copper). When your skin touches the device the lines may develop overtime. This has no negative impact on the functioning of the device.

How do I clean my device?

Use a clean and soft cloth.

Is it normal to hear liquid trickling when the Qi-Technologies® device is turned on its side?

Yes, it is normal to hear liquid moving inside the device, however it is not normal for liquid to leak from the device.

How do I know if my Qi-Technologies® device is broken or faulty?

Qi-Technologies® devices shouldn’t be dropped or subjected to water damage. Signs of damage include cracks, a rattling noise, liquid leaking or the sound of liquid sloshing around (a faint trickling noise is normal though). If your device is not showing any of these signs of damage then it should be working perfectly fine.

If you are concerned that your product is damaged, please send a photo or video of the damage and we will be able to assess if damage is likely to have occurred.