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Schild EMF Fabric - 1.5 wide x 1 m length

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Introducing Schild's high-performance Silver/Nylon Mesh Fabric, designed to provide exceptional EMF protection across a wide frequency range. This versatile shielding fabric offers an impressive shielding attenuation of 44.3-46.8dB from 30 MHz to 3000 MHz, translating to over 99.99% effectiveness in blocking electromagnetic radiation.

Key Features

  • Fiber content: Nylon coil wrapped in pure silver (silver/nylon blend)
  • Roll width: 150cm
  • Fabric construction: Knitted superfine mesh with crosswise stretch
  • Fabric weight: 34g/m²
  • Fabric treatment: Special fabric softener finishing (does not affect shielding attenuation)
  • Shielding Attenuation:
    • Efficiency: 44.3-46.8dB across 30 MHz to 3000 MHz frequency range, translating to >99.99% shielding effectiveness
    • Resistance: <1 Ω/cm
  • Antibacterial rate: >99%
  • Lightweight and air-permeable for comfort in wearable applications
  • Attractive silver color and soft, flexible feel for versatile use in garments, curtains, bags, and more

Schild's Silver/Nylon Mesh Fabric stands out for its broad frequency range coverage and consistent high shielding efficiency across the entire spectrum from 30 MHz to 3000 MHz. The unique blend of silver and nylon fibers creates a durable, conductive, and reflective material that provides reliable EMF protection.

The special fabric softener finishing enhances the fabric's feel and drape without compromising its shielding performance. With its antibacterial properties and low surface resistance, Schild's mesh fabric is suitable for a wide range of applications, from electronic shielding to creating EMF-protective clothing and accessories.

Care Instructions

To maintain the quality and performance of your Schild Silver/Nylon Mesh Fabric, please follow these care guidelines:

  • Water temperature: Less than 40°C
  • Detergent: Use ordinary neutral or non-phosphorus neutral washing powder
  • Preferred detergent: Specially sourced silver fiber suitable solution
  • Do not bleach or use hydrogen peroxide
  • Gentle hand wash preferred
  • Do not dry clean, hang in direct sunlight, tumble dry, or steam iron
  • Hang in well-ventilated areas in the shade
  • For ironing, use a low-temperature setting only

Invest in your well-being and peace of mind with Schild's Mesh Fabric. Experience the confidence that comes with reliable, high-performance EMF shielding in a versatile and user-friendly material from a trusted Australian brand.