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Schild Organic EMF-Protective Travel Throw Blanket

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Find your comfort zone at home or on the go with our Organic Travel Throw Blanket. This is more than a soft layer of comfort – it's a personal shield against invisible Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). The secret is in the design, with one layer of 100% organic cotton and a second layer of silver fibre, known for its superior EMF protection.

Living in a world filled with Wi-Fi, mobile signals, and various tech, it's hard to avoid EMFs. The long-term effects? We're still learning.

But with our throw blanket, you won't need to worry. It serves as a gentle, protective barrier, perfect for cozy evenings on the couch or settling down with a good book and your tablet on your lap.

This blanket represents more than EMF protection. It's our commitment to your health, promoting safer living and well-being wherever you go. 

The blanket blocks high frequency RF from cell phones, WIFI, laptops up to 99.9% effectiveness. It is tested by an accredited lab up to 20 GHz. 

Blanket Highlights:

  • A cozy, multipurpose throw blanket, perfect for home and travel use
  • Composed of an outer layer of 100% organic cotton and an inner layer of silver fiber  
  • Specially designed for superior EMF shielding
  • Thoughtfully designed in Australia
  • Easy to care for: hand or machine wash in cold water (below 30C / 86F) with neutral detergents. Hang to dry, no tumble drying, ironing, or bleaching
  • Dimensions: 150cm x 159cm

Snuggle up in the comfort of our throw blanket, embracing peace of mind while reducing your exposure to EMFs. Prioritising your health and well-being has never been so comfortable.