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Aus Security Water-resistant RF Blocking Key Fob Faraday Pouch

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In a world where automotive technology is advancing at a rapid pace, so too are the methods of car theft. With keyless entry and keyless ignition systems becoming increasingly common, thieves have developed sophisticated techniques to exploit them.

Complete Signal Protection in a waterproof PU pouch

Car owners everywhere are turning to our Faraday bags for complete signal protection. Prevent thieves from picking up and relaying signals from your key, securing your vehicle against break-ins and keyless ignition theft. Our pouch is capable of blocking 100% of RFID, Wi-Fi, NFC, Keys, Mobile, and Bluetooth signals, keeping your key safe and sound.

*Please note: For complete signal protection, the fob must be placed in the back Faraday lined pocket, not the front pocket.


"Key" Features

  • Protect Your Precious Ride: In an age where car theft is on the rise, especially with the prevalence of keyless entry technology, safeguard your vehicle with our cutting-edge signal-blocking pouch.

  • Advanced Faraday Cage Technology: Our pouch employs state-of-the-art Faraday cage technology to shield your car's keyless entry fob. By blocking RF and NFC signals, it thwarts potential thieves who attempt to intercept these signals and gain unauthorized access to your vehicle.

  • Ideal for Credit Cards Too: Beyond vehicle protection, our RF signal-blocking pouch is designed with your convenience in mind. Featuring twin pockets, it's perfect for storing your credit and debit cards. Keep your sensitive information safe and sound, knowing that your cards can't be read remotely without your consent.

  • Simple Operation: Just slip your car key/fob or credit cards into the pouch and seal it with the reliable Velcro closure, ensuring no gaps are left. Once inside, rest assured that all signals will be completely blocked.

  • Dedicated Compartments: For your ease, we've included designated sections within the pouch. Place your key fobs in the back section marked with a green arrow for maximum protection. This is the Faraday section designed specifically for your key fob.

  • Premium Quality: Crafted from high-quality water-resistant PU leather, our pouch features a key ring at the back for other keys.

  • Convenience at Your Fingertips: The smaller front pocket is equipped with anti-radiation properties, making it ideal for storing ID cards, bank cards, and more (approximately 2-3 cards). The larger back pocket is designed for signal blocking, providing the utmost security for your car key fobs.

  • Easy to Carry: With external dimensions of 8.4cm x 12cm and internal dimensions of 7cm x 10.7cm, our Faraday pouch is compatible with nearly all car key fobs. Unlike other designs that are too small and lack key rings, our pouch ensures effortless access to your vehicle key.