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OEM EMF Meter Frequency Tester

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Detect electromagnetic radiation with precision using the Xiaomi Duka EMF Meter. With a wide 5Hz to 3500MHz frequency range this highly sensitive detector provides fast and reliable detection of radiation from common household appliances, mobile devices, wifi routers and more.

Key Features:

  • Wide detection range from 5Hz to 3500MHz
  • High sensitivity detects radiation as low as 0.01μW/cm2
  • Loud audible alarm and bright LED warning lights
  • Large 2000 count backlit LCD display
  • One button to clear old data
  • Built-in lithium battery with USB charging

The Duka EMF meter features a large color LCD screen that clearly displays detected radiation levels in μW/m2 or V/m units. When radiation is detected, it quickly triggers an audible alarm and LED lights to alert you.With the ability to accurately test electromagnetic fields and radiation leakage from devices, the Xiaomi Duka detector provides an affordable way to monitor EMF exposure at home and workplaces. Its ergonomic design and long battery life also make periodic area testing straightforward.Whether using for household EMF surveys or testing radiation blocking products, the Duka EMF Meter delivers reliable performance.

Suitable for EMF detection around the house or workplace.


  • LCD colour high-definition large screen display
  • Alarm sound, flashing light, display radiation value triple alarm one key to clear old data,
  • Lithium battery cyclic charging,
  • Universal USB interface
  • Fast charging
  • Non-slip design on the side


  • Commonly used household appliances 
  • Electromagnetic radiation tests: mobile phone, computer, TV set, refrigerator and high voltage cable radiation test.
  • Radiation protection product test: test effects of radiation-proof clothes, radiation-proof film and other prevention articles.